Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Here goes.

So, here goes nothing. This is my first blog! I have been following random people's blogs for a few weeks now... I know I have nothing interesting to share with you but I still feel the need to have a blog!

I just feel that God is putting so many things on my heart here lately. It is a little overwhelming! He has introduced to me Reece's Rainbow. If you have never heard of that I urge you to check it out. Yes, I know. It will break your heart. But if you can look at this site and not feel the need to do SOMETHING, whatever it is, then you need to check yourself out! For real. It is an advocacy for orphans with special needs. Primarily, Down Syndrome. It is not an adoption agency but someone to help you find YOUR child that was not born to you biologically but was still made to be YOURS!

I know, you are thinking, if I have the choice I sure wouldn't CHOOSE a child with Down Syndrome or other special needs. But my response to that is these children did not CHOOSE to be born with it! They did not CHOOSE to be given up by their mama's just because they have that little extra chromosome. They did not CHOOSE to be born and looked upon as a disgrace or embarrassment. So, did God choose YOU to save YOUR child from another country?? Did HE??? Are you sure you are listening to Him? I promise you, if I were married and old enough, I would be trying to find MY child to bring them home. Actually, I can't wait to do that. I am praying for my future husband. I am praying that God has already placed these desires on his heart so that I don't have to try to change his heart. OK, so enough on that. This is just my first blog and I am a little behind on expressing my feelings!

Another thing God has been placing on me is the possibility of working a summer camp for Special Needs children. I have no idea what to do or where to look really... But I feel like I can impact more than just my little boy at school. He has asperger's and for now we will call him "C". C is my best friend and I am his... but did God put me in this job to only help him? No, He did not. I know this. Thanks to my friend Doug for pointing that out to me. I did not do all that I could. I did what I wanted to do with C and that was it. I did not look to find out more about Asperger's or Autism. I did my 8 hour day and went home. But God has been showing me more things to do. My hold up on this is that I LOVE Souled Out church camp every summer and going to Nicaragua. It has kinda become my summer routine. This year, if I could find one, I could work almost the whole month of July at a summer camp. This sounds crazy to me because that would mean I would be gone ALL summer!!! Wow. I LOVE to travel but am SUPER close to my family. This would be super hard. But I am not quite ready to give up Souled Out or Nicaragua. Most of these camps want the help for the WHOLE summer. Am I ready for that? I know God would prepare me but my selfish self says I'm not ready. Excuse, I know. So, for now I will pray. Pray that God shows me what to do and to make my desires HIS desires. Psalms 37:4 says "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart!" This means He will change my heart to have the same desires of His. So, I will try, no I will do this with God's strength.

Also, as "poor" as I am, what can I do for these orphans around the world? I can give my very LITTLE amount of money. I can tell others about them. I can raise awareness and PRAY for these families to find their babies. These babies are there waiting..... Waiting on their family to find them. They cannot get out and find you. You have to go to them. So, I have even thought, well maybe there is a mission opportunity to go to one of these orphanages and help! Help LOVE these babies! Help these families find their children! I don't even know if this is a possibility. It is not something I would do alone. I would have to have some kind of interpreters or organization to do this through. A lot to think about! But my fingers are getting a little tired! I promise that my blogs will not be this LONG!!! I just had a lot bottled up!!! Thanks for reading!


  1. You're pretty awesome, baby girl. I'm very proud to be your big sister. I LOVE YOU! :o) <3

  2. Enjoyed reading what was on your are an amazing young woman!


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