Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy 100th Post!!! :)

Just for fun, I realized I just posted my 100th post on my blog!!! :) I've been blogging a little over a year now and it has been so therapeutic for me! I love to write on here and be able to go back and read and see how far I've come since that post, or how I've forgotten the way I've challenged myself and not followed through! I hope you've enjoyed my previous 100 posts!!! I love how I can advocate for orphans and abandoned children, share funny stories, show sweet pictures of friends, pour my heart out, challenge myself and others, and just plain tell what's going on in my life. It's just a way to get off my chest what is weighing on it and if someone wants to read it they can, if they don't, they don't have to! :) I can't wait to hit my 200th post and I'll probably be in another country when I do that! :) yay!

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