Monday, October 4, 2010

Beach/Princess Party :)

Today, we got to take 63 teenage girls from Cipi to the beach. For a few, it was the first time they had ever seen it. We had a "princess" theme. We pampered them by doing their hair and make-up, allowed them to make journals to write down their feelings, helped them decorate picture frames to put a picture of themselves in, massaged their hands, and just let them have fun playing in the ocean and pool. They all had a blast and I pray that they forgot their hurts and burdens for the day!

Giving the girls hand massages.

After she had hers done, she asked Chelsie to sit down and let her massage her hands. :)

Look at what she wrote in the sand. :( She must miss her mama. These girls were hurting but I pray (and think we did) bring joy to their lives.

Look at that wave!

You can see that the girls had a blast with the princess party! :) We hope they truly realize and forever remember that they are princesses of Christ! :) 

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