Thursday, October 14, 2010

When we were here in July, we worked one day with the Fuller Center. I wrote about that here. We had the opportunity to work along side Mike and the Fuller Center again. (Mike is also the man who rents the beach house and opens it up for us to take orphaned children to and have the time of their lives) We worked in a very poor community this time. We got to repaint some playground equipment, clean up the play yard, do Bible stories, crafts, games, and pray and love on the people of this community. Most of the time there, I played with a few little mischievous boys. :) They are so stinkin' cute, though.  
Don't they just look mean?? :) They were sweet, though. 

JB and Christian :)

We had a very fun day there. :) We also had some time to just talk and pray with the people of the community. They do not ask for better homes, clothes, or anything else. They just ask for safety and jobs so that they can provide. They have it right. They don't need "things". They need the necessities and Jesus. :)
I wish I had some before and after pictures of the playground but I didn't get any on my camera. When someone else posts them I'll add them on. :)

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  1. Oh Gosh, that little Christian is adorable!

    We need to hang out. Or go on a trip together. Got any room for a nice Jewish girl? lol


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