Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Praise God! :)

This sweet boy has been found and he is SAFE! :) :) Hallelujah! So many prayers went up for this little man over the last few days and God did NOT return void! Not only did he allow someone to find Fransisco, he allowed him to be reunited with his family!!! :) He's no longer an orphan. He found his mother and she took him back in! :) We're not completely sure why she sent him to Cisna in the first place... possibly so he could go to school... but I know he is happy! It is so amazing to see how God works! He knew that as long as Fransisco was in Cisna he would not be reunited with his mom and siblings! But God definitely works in mysterious ways! And He knows how to check our faith!!! I am so thankful! I am trying not to worry about him. With being out of the orphanage they are not protected! He could still get involved in things that are not good! We must continue to pray for him and the decisions that he makes!

His mom also said that she would allow visitors for him! I know this has made Robin happy! We will be able to send people to check on him and make sure that he is doing well!! I'm trying not to be selfish and be sad that I won't see him next time I go to Cisna! But our God is faithful! :)

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