Thursday, October 14, 2010


On Friday, our last day, we went to Cisna. Cisna is very close to my heart. It is a former prison. It is now home to around 50 and sometimes up to 75 boys. Their ages range from about 9-18. These boys don't have much structure, discipline, or love. But they are the sweetest things, ever. They want to be loved and love just like all the other children.

Eduardo :)

These boys like to play, have fun, take pictures, etc, but they are hurting. They are scared. They want their mamas. They want love.

Poor Diego just had 4 teeth pulled! He needed some loving from a mama!

They did some dental there at Cisna. The boys weren't happy about it but I'm sure it made them feel better afterwards!

While most of the day was spent just loving on the boys and having fun with them, we also did our bible story with them. These boys have MANY "Goliaths" in their lives. Brian did an amazing job at sharing with them what their Goliaths could be and how with God you can overcome them and defeat them.

The boys really opened up to us and told us about things in their lives.

While most of those were issues with being at Cisna, one boy, Brian, opened up about how he was scared. Scared because in 2 months he will be 18. That means in 2 months, he will have to leave Cisna. Cisna isn't much, but it's shelter. It's food. It's home to these boys. It may not be a good one, but it's all they have. While he is at Cisna he does not have to worry about food and shelter. When he leaves, he will have no where to go. No money to start out with. No one to make sure he is safe. While most kids can NOT wait to turn 18, this sweet boy is dreading it. How often do you see that?

Such a humbling experience for us.

The missionary is working on finding a way that Starfish can help him after he leaves or somewhere else he can go. I pray they figure something out.

We cleaned in their cafeteria. Let me tell you, it was better than their bathrooms! :) Haha.

Then we handed out swimming trunks. :) They were excited to see those. Most of the day, though, Fransisco or Eduardo or Juan had my camera so I don't have many pictures of those. :) They had a ball, though, taking pictures. :)

My buddy, Daniel! :) We made friends in July and I sent him a package in August. He was SO excited to see me and I was SO excited to see him! :) :) He was so upset when we left. As was I.

Playing with my Ipod. Which they LOVED. :)

Sweet Dennis. We made friends, too. I wrote him a letter before we left to tell him that I would be praying for him and would miss him and glad that we were friends. He wrote me back, said I was his friend, too and that he was so thankful that we had come and brought them joy and happiness. He asked me to pray for him a lot so that he could get out of Cisna. I just pray that if he does leave Cisna it will be with family that love him and that he will be safe and make good choices.

I had such an amazing time at Cisna and it absolutely broke my heart to leave them. I loved it in July but it grew even deeper into my heart this trip. I have constantly thought of these boys. Their living conditions are terrible. They don't have many people that care about them. They have people here that care for them and love them but we can't see them very often. I know they know that we love them but I just wish it were more than a few times a year that we could see them. They understand their losses. They get that how they're living is bad. And  yet, all they want to do is HUG you and love you and have you love them back. How many teenage boys here, hug on everyone? None. But that's all these boys do.

These boys have art classes that they take. And they are extremely talented!! :) They allowed us to purchase some of the things that they had made and of course we did! Here is Eduardo and myself with the things of his that I bought! :) He is so talented. 

This sweet boy is the reason that I did NOT have my camera all day! But it was kind of a blessing. I got to hang out and fellowship and not take time outs for pictures. :) He did a good job. I love Fransisco. He is such a sweet guy and absolutely LOVES to hug!!! :) *This was a self-portrait. I had many of these.* :)

We had a pinata for them at the end. :) They acted a little "BIG" for this but they sure loved the candy! :) 

The hardest part about leaving Cisna is that they follow you. They follow the bus looking in the windows. They can't seem to say goodbye. They follow us to the gate and they have to get off. They have to stay in that place they call home. They have to stay and we have to leave. They're stuck on the inside and we're stuck on the outside. It's not fair. :( I love those boys and pray for them often. I think throughout the day and wonder what they are doing. If they are being good to the other boys. I wonder if they are feeling loved. I wonder if they're crying, if they're hurting, if they're happy. I just wish I could be there ALL. THE. TIME. Ugh...

Until next year, boys. Until next year. It seems so far away.

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  1. Hey Merany!! :) I love this post everything you say is so true and is put in the simplest words and yet you express everything! I admire everything you do when you come here and how much you care for them. They need so much and this boys are not there for good behavior or for being nice kids but somehow they are sooo nice and humble around us that you don't think they could cause some harm. i really loved this post and all the pictures! i miss you! :( Ari


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