Sunday, October 10, 2010

On Tuesday, we went to San Martin. It is the home for people about 12 and older who have special needs. Some more severe than others. It is definitely a fun place to go since most of the people who live there don't really understand where they are and how bad things are for them. But there are a few of them who know. And for them, it's very sad. For instance, Rudy. You probably read about Rudy here. Rudy knows what's going on. The only thing wrong with his is physical.  And he hates it at San Martin. The good news now is that he will be moving in December to a different place. I just pray that he fits in well and that they don't pick on him for his disabilities. I spent a LOT of time just loving on Rudy. He is a sweet sweet boy. 
This guy is Rudy. **Not the Rudy mentioned above!** He is so precious. He grins and grins with no teeth and I absolutely LOVE him. :)

Handsome man :)

I'm not exactly sure if they sleep like this during the night but they sure were trying to nap this way. :(

Orsy with a couple of the boys :) The one on the left is Jose. And he LOVED my camera.

Emily and David. David is always VERY entertaining seeing that he repeats ANYTHING you say. :) He is a happy dude.

Here's my handsome Rudy! :) He was happy to see us and I miss him terribly. I can't get him off of my mind. When he was told that he will be moving and asked when, when, when?? I hope these next few months go by fast for him and that he settles in nicely at the new home.

Proud of his Superman :)

Some of the "kids" hanging out :)

Chepe :) He is so funny. Just like a little kid. He sat behind me for the longest time and would tug my hair then turn around really fast and act innocent. This went on ALL day :) But I loved it.

My buddy again :)

We did facepainting, as you can see :)

Doing "Tootie Ta" :)

Rudy and me :)

He looks super mischievous here :)

We "kinda" played Red Rover with them. They actually had a LOT of fun with it! :)

I think Rudy enjoyed it, too!

And of course, we had a dance party! :) They love to dance. So we played some Michael Jackson. When the song "You are not alone" came on we all slow danced! It was precious.

Dancing with Rudy. The song was very appropriate. "You are not alone, I am here with you, though were far apart, you're always in my heart"

This is Hector. He is similar to Rudy in that the only thing wrong with him is his hearing. He can read lips and communicate but is in this home where most of the people believe themselves to be about 2-8 years old.

Kurt doing what he does :)

Coloring the "David and Goliath" pictures :)

Then we went over to the Aids/HIV orphanage. You probably remember this little girl. She has AIDS and George got very attached to her in April and saw her again in July. 

George sent Michelle a doll with their picture attached. She recognized him and LOVED her doll :) It was precious. 

This was a good but sad and humbling day. These people live in pretty poor conditions. And most of them don't realize it. They are the sweetest people and they love so unconditionally. 

Here is a video of our dancing. :) They all loved it. We all loved it, too! I hope they remember this time of love. :)

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