Friday, October 8, 2010

El Salvador Day 2!!!!! :) Cipi (one of my favorites!)

Today we went to Cipi. It is the orphanages that has all types of children there. Teen girls, teen moms, babies, special needs, boys, and toddlers. It is one of my favorite places. Especially the special needs (go figure) :) We also got to spend some time with the girls that we took to the beach. We printed off their pictures that we had taken of them on Sunday and gave to them. They were excited! We also got to see a celebration of theirs. It was a true El Salvadorian experience! :) A few of the boys from Cisna (the all boys orphanage) got to come and be a part of it so it was a nice surprise to see them! :)

Fernando was happy to see me! :) Or my camera but either way, I got a smile! :)

Sweet Salvador! :) 

I got a quick picture of the handsome Samuel! :)

And Fransisco, too! :)

Part of the celebration! :)

My new friend, Graciela! I spent a lot of time with her at the beach!

Fernando with a sombrero! :)

Myself and sweet Fransisco! :) He is so mischevious! He would take my camera and say "solo cinco" (only 5) and then take atleast 34 pictures! :)

I love this picture of me and Diego...but of Chelsie...not so much. Thanks for ruining it!

We (and when I say we, I mean Trent and a local dentist) did dental work! The kids weren't too crazy about it but it needed to be done and we hope it makes them feel a little better!

Hello from Stanley! :)

Sweet Diego. 

And now the moment you've been waiting for....the reuniting of Carlos and me!!!!!! Enjoy!

Taking him from Lorena (the God-sent angel)

I've missed this boy in my arms!

2 happy people! :)

Loving my kisses! :) :)

I sure  hate putting him back in here... :(

This little girl was so stinkin' cute! I loved hanging out with her. :)

 This day at Cipi there seemed to be a LOT of hurting kids. Girls who were hurting for the mamas. Teenage girls who are pregnant and scared and unsure of how they are going to be moms. We prayed hard for these kids so much that day and will continue. I hope and pray that they feel God's love and protection forever. 

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  1. Hey Merany! Why don't you bring that stinkin' cute girl back to our house!!! She's precious! Thanks for loving on those kids - you are such a blessing!

    The Comptons


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