Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 10 - A picture of the person you do the silliest things with.

I'm a pretty "silly" person, so again, this is gonna have to be more than one person. Or maybe I should just put a picture of myself on this one, because I'm always silly no matter who is around! :) But just for the fun I'll add some pics of who I'm silly with.

Manny and I are ALWAYS silly! ;)

We have fun... :)

We're never serious with these boys.

I think this pic has been on my blog like 3 times... but it fits all the categories. :)

OH, Brian Cohen. Always silly.

hahaha. Hannah has Danielle (left) and me (right) in a  head lock! :)

having fun at the pool.

Gracie is the queen of silly lately!

Haha. Kaitlin!

Me and Jessie :)
I've must have been REALLY heavy!!!!

Hilary and I are rarely serious!! :)

Doug is always being dumb. :) 

We take "living life to the full" quite literally. We are always having fun and laughing! I do believe laughter is one of the best medicines!!! :)

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