Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 7 - A picture of your most treasured item.

Dadgum...some of these are just plain hard! How do I have a MOST treasured item. Items are just things. You can't take them to Heaven with you! I don't think I have a most treasured thing.  So I'm gonna change this one... Because I can. Because this is MY blog and I make the rules! Ok? Ok. Thanks. :)
Now, the new title is "A picture of your most treasured people". Does that make sense!? Well... It's MY blog and I say it does! Ok? Ok.

So, here they go.... In NO particular order of treasured-ness. And yea, I made up that word. Should I remind you again that this is MY blog and I can do that? No? You know that? Ok. :) 

Sweet babies off of Reece's Rainbow that are on their way HOME to families! Jesse (soon to be Sarah)

Darla (soon to be Gracie)

My boy Gunner :)

Mal  and a sliver of Kayla!

Sweet babies of Nicaragua!

Mom and Jason!

Chels and Han!

My Daddy.


My man, Jose!
These boys: Gareth, Seth, and Cory! Some of my faves!!

Crazy Gracie!

Reece's Rainbow babies still waiting for a family! Maxim.

Reece's Rainbow baby. Catherine.

My El Salvador dolls. Ernesto.

Oh, my Carlos.

Rudy!!! Love him.

Torres kids :)

Another Rudy!
Souled Out friends!

Josh and Han!

My sweet sisters.

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